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Trying to drink a cocktail with a mask on was not something I planned on dealing with this year. Both of my kids starting school full time, renovating our house, fitting into a bridesmaids dress, these were what I thought would be my most challenging issues when 2020 started. And yet, here we are.

I will not break down how this year has been challenging; Iâ€m late to that game and frankly rehashing all of it will not be therapeutic for me or for you dear readers. And itâ€s been done. Over and over a million times now, and itâ€s not even over yet.

So where will this site go from here? Well, for a start, I never planned on taking such a long break. I think the longest break I took from writing on here was about three months years ago. Next year will mark 10 whole years of Stir and Strain and that feels monumental, and maybe what brought me back here to say hello.

Iâ€m going to take some time to shuffle through some posts and put together some resource guides both for use at home, and where you can help out in the wild (from the safety of your home). Itâ€s in the works but with my current workload of full time virtual school for two youngins, the pace over here has slowed down considerably.

As always, I appreciate you stopping by and showing support reading these recipes. Please feel free to say hello! Iâ€m still here but I might not answer you for a week (or more).


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