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This post was made in partnership with Tequila Cazadores. Ideas are my own.

This past year I’ve been really lucky to work with a brand that I have loved, and drank, for years: Tequila Cazadores. When starting this partnership I found out that I was going to have a really exciting task, introduce a brand new type of tequila to the market! I mean, it’s not everyday that a totally new category comes across your desk. 15 flavored vodkas, yes. An amazing crystal clear tequila that is actually aged 2 years and then using activated charcoal to absorb all its color… nope!

I’m honored, flattered really, to have been chosen to let you all know about this new product from Tequila Cazadores. So, let’s talk about Cristalino!

Even though Cristalino is clear, like their Blanco expression, it’s not for mixing. In fact, the suggested serving vessel is a wine glass, like how you see here. A wine glass also signifies you’re not shooting the stuff and chasing it with a lime. Just don’t do that. It’s meant to be sipped.

The reason that this aged tequila is crystal clear is due to the filtration process that is Cazadores uses. Activated charcoal is added to the liquid and all that caramel color you usually associate with an aged tequila is gone. Next, that mixture is sent through a press filter which captures all the charcoal and tannins from the barrel aging and filtration process. When it’s done, if you close your eyes, take a whiff and then a sip, you’d swear you were drinking an añejo tequila.

You’re still getting aged wood, vanilla, caramel, and apples, but there’s also this soft, floral nose to it as well. It’s just so delicious and I loved each sip.

And now YOU, and everyone else in the US, can experience this new kind of tequila as Tequila Cazadores Cristalino is now available in the United States.

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