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A spooky chic bar cart for Halloween entertaining and happy hour complete with floating candles, vintage glassware and spirits.

Bar Cart Recipe

Recipe for the Halloween bar cart. Lots of elements that come together for a spooky season bar cart. The keys here is layers, vintage touches, and creepy art work. I tend to stay clear of overtly kitschy Halloween elements and opt for a more collected and vintage vibe that screams haunted manor vs. the Haunted Mansion.

Books-Add height and layers with books. Having everything at the same height is not interesting visually Trays- vintage trays add a spooky touch while corralling items neatlyYour Favorite spirits– I used spirit bottles with black and green labels to fit the color schemeGlassware- spooky glassware like skeleton glasses or vintage pieces with character or color are a great one. I also found these black beakers from Michaels that I used for a mixing glass.Vintage barware– crystal coupes, colored goblets, and metal coupesA living moment- Although we are going for more living dead than alive here, I always like to style a bar cart with a “living” element. This can be a fresh bouquet, house plant or dried/artificial flowers. It brings lots of texture and color into the mix.Candles- Fall is all about maximize coziness and nothing adds a more cozy vibe than candles. real or led pillar candles will. “Floating candles” also add a bit of whimsy and magic.

Vintage Glassware & Barware

Decanters and glassware with crystal cute details or etching add an eerie vibe.

Metal/pewter champagne ice buckets are practical year round. I like to keep one on my bar cart to easily grab if a friend brings over a bottle of wine or for quickly chilling down a bottle drink. Vintage ice buckets add a collected, old feel that’s perfect for spooky season,

Floating Candles

These DIY floating candles add so much whimsy! I got the idea from Reserve Home and its a fun way to add a glowy vibes to your house. I used these candles with beading/fishing wire strung around the candle and tapped on with scotch tape and the wires hung from clear command hooks from the ceiling.

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