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Having an appreciation for the unmistakable aromas and flavors of cannabis isn’t a requirement for enjoying the new seasonal brew Elysian Dank Dust IPA. But it certainly helps. Those familiar resinous, earthy notes come through mid-palate with a citrus bitterness and luscious mango flavors. Every sip encourages the next.

Although the beer follows Elysian’s recipe for the Space Dust IPA—same malts and hops (Chinook, Citra, and Amarillo)—the Dank release brings a more complex and full-flavored quality to the brewery’s best-selling all-season beer. And it’s all thanks to those superbly pungent aromas provided by proprietary terpenes (the same naturally occurring chemical compounds present in cannabis).

But Elysian Dank Dust IPA doesn’t contain any THC. The beer’s 8.2% ABV will take care of the buzz on its own. However, that hasn’t stopped Elysian Brewing from bringing on rapper and Stoned Beyond Belief author Action Bronson as its “Director of Dank” to create munchies to pair with the beer. 6-pack/$15.99,

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