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For those of you who have been around here since the early days, you may recall that we were going to build a bar in what is now my studio area in the house. And if you’re new here, well, that bar never happened. Fast forward almost a decade later and we are now finally ready to start building out what will be our new outdoor entertaining area. And tucked away within will be the home bar we’ve been dreaming about for a long time. But before we even start, we have a lot to figure out, and one of those big decisions has to do with appliances.

The area we are allotting for entertaining space, including the indoor/outdoor bar and alcove is not huge, so we’re looking for small, compact appliances to put in. We’d really like as much bang for our buck if you will… And that’s why I’m loving this 90 Can Outdoor Beer Fridge from NewAir. Last year we worked with NewAir for holiday entertaining and have been using their countertop ice maker ever since (In case you’re wondering, we have yet to run out of ice!!). So now we’re super excited to team up again with them this year to give their new Premier Line Fridges a spin in this blazing hot Southern California sun.

We’ve had this outdoor beer fridge running for over a month now and have some pros and cons for our space. Take a look, and maybe these will help you decide too if this compact, streamlined, weatherproof fridge would work for your bar or entertaining space! (And if you scroll to the end, we’ve got a SWEET discount for you all too!)


Easy to assemble! Took no more than 10 minutes to unbox, attach the handle and plug in. (Optional casters were included but we decided not to add on at this time)
Adjustable shelves. These are SO convenient since many of the cans we buy don’t come in the standard size. You can see our current configuration above.
QUIET. So many of the fridges we looked at were loud. And even with outdoor noise were audible. So I love that I’m not hearing the motor kick on and off the whole time while I’m out there with the until.
Cools thoroughly. It took a few hours for our fridge to fully cool the cans but once it was on and working, it kept them cold. Not slightly cooled, or colder on top or bottom, but ALL of them were nicely cold and ready to drink.
Compact but holds a lot. Upon first seeing this streamlined fridge, you wonder how much it really can hold. However once you start filling it you’d be surprised at how much 90 cans is.


Smudges. While a stainless steel front looks great, I found that I’m constantly wiping it down from smudges, and ones I don’t see reflect in the sunlight. I’ve also gotten water spots from sprinklers going and then drying on the exterior.
Price. I wasn’t sure if these would be a con or not, so it’s somewhere in-between. This is a durable, indoor/outdoor fridge and with that comes a higher price tag.
Not all stainless steel. Because this is made to be built in and is a 15″ counter height, it is not all stainless steel as the sides are black. So, if this will be free-standing in your space, it will be two-toned.

Currently our 90 Can Beer Fridge is hanging out amongst the patio furniture but as we build out the deck and start turning our dirt floor, unfinished ground story space into a usable entertaining area, we are considering bringing the fridge either into the indoor/outdoor counter space, or maybe giving it a home near the grill. Stay tuned this year as we look to YOU with help picking out ideas for this space! And big thanks to NewAir for letting us try out their new premium line fridge.

OH HEY WE’VE GOT A PROMO CODE!!! If you’re interested in getting your own 90 Can Beer Fridge (model # NOF090SS00) AND want to get $183.99 OFF the retail price, use code STIR at checkout on NewAir’s site! YAY! Would love to see where you set yours up (and what you put IN it!).

For more information on NewAir’s entire line of products, check them out here!


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