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I dipped back into the julep pool last weekend. A steamy August evening just begged to be countered by a copper cup caked with frost, a mound of pebble ice, a bouquet of fresh mint, and an ample pour of good whiskey. And while my patterns typically have me reaching for bourbon whenever the julep cup comes out, for this round I aimed for rye, using a bottle released earlier this year: Kentucky Owl The Wiseman Straight Rye Whiskey.

American whiskey fans are already familiar with the story of Kentucky Owl, and how its bourbon pedigree was recently revived. The Wiseman Rye helps round out the brand’s presence on the whiskey shelf. Made in Kentucky, with a 95 percent rye mashbill, the whiskey is bottled just a smidge above 100 proof. The result is a spirit with a warm, gentle bite of spice, with a rich fragrance and a softly sweet touch of caramel. It’s a rye whiskey that’s as at home in a summer julep as it will be in this fall’s Manhattans. $60,

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